Middle aged man: So all you gotta do is pick up a gray squirrel holding an acorn, squeeze his belly, and hear him make real squirrel chatter. –92nd & Lexington Latina girl on cell: Chill the fuck out! Groundhog Day isn't till like June or some shit! –PETCO, Union Square Overheard by: Max Girl: I tried a lot of things before I started kicking small animals. –15th St & 6th Ave Overheard by: Rijita 20-something guy to another: They cost a lot but they live forever. If you get a group of like 20 elephants, you're invincible. –1 Train Female student: But how else would you transport the elephant? –34th St b/w Park & Madison Ave Eight-year-old boy, running hellbent through playground, to friend: I could tell you about Archelon, the largest evolved turtle, but there isn't time. –Riverdale Overheard by: Someone else's mom Guy on cell: It was kind of like sexually penetrating cows… –E 55th St Overheard by: TiffanyLyn