Woman, pushing baby in stroller through flock of pigeons and hearing him laugh hysterically: Yeah, yeah, sometimes it's the little things in life. –76th St Overheard by: jaytro Guerrilla Top of the Rock marketer: Carpet munching can get you far in life. –Rockefeller Center Twelve-year-old girl at Tila Tequila's book signing: This is the greatest day of my life. –Barnes & Noble, Tribeca Overheard by: Helene and Kristina Short fat white woman to tall older man: Well, I really have no problem with spending life in jail. I really don't. –Father Demo Square Man, not moving: This place is draining the life out of me. –IKEA Store Overheard by: Les Izzmore Train operator: This is a life-altering bound r train. Prepare to be amazed. Next stop, Nirvana. –R Train