Sketchy guy to hot girl: Hey, baby girl, I like takin' long walks through the projects, sittin' on a park bench eatin' French fries… (she walks away) Hey baby, come back! –Christopher & 7th Guy to girl walking down the street: Hey you…I wanna get on your bus. –125th b/w Park & Lexington Overheard by: Reilly Big dude to hot girl: Hey girl, come talk to me for a minute. (she stays still) C'mon girl, chubby thugs need love too. –Franklin Ave & Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn Black thug to white girls: I'm Barack Obama's cousin, wanna go on a date? (they pass) That's gonna be my new pickup line, yo. –33rd St & 6th Ave Guy, as a curvy woman struts past him: Shake what yo momma gave you…not what yo momma paid for! –Shuttle Train Overheard by: Meredith Seton Hall jock, leering at female in next seat: Wow, this ticket has more holes in it than I've ever seen before! –NJ Transit Drunk guy to girl on subway platform, after Yankees game: I'm a classy guy! I will take you to the fucking Radisson! –Yankee Stadium Subway Platform