Woman on cell: Oh, and by the way, I called my mother to thank her. (pause) No, I said, "Mom, I'm calling on behalf of me and the girls to thank you very much." (longer pause) Well, she can just go fuck herself then. –90th & Amsterdam Ave Man on cell: You know a guy really likes a girl when he takes her home to meet his mom…and you know what, Sheila? You ain't never gonna meet my mom. –South Slope, Brooklyn Overheard by: smfd Female college student to friend: We really need to cougarize your mom. –111th & Broadway Overheard by: Oh really Guy: So, hey, my mom didn't die today. –W 26th & 8th Overheard by: Katie_AK Girl sneaking into open conductor's room in front of the train: Next stop, your mother's asshole! Stand clear of the closing cheeks! –6 Train Overheard by: Adriana Handbag seller on street corner: Yo! Tell yo mama I got her bag right here! –Times Square Overheard by: Taryn Girl on cell: Yeah, I'm bussin' it for now, my mom's on this thing that I have to show her responsibility… I know, it's like I get up in the morning, I haven't gotten arrested in a while, and I have a job, what more do you want from me? –Seguine Ave & Waterbury, Staten Island