Young man: You're fat because you need to release. Look at me, that's why I'm slim and sexy. I beat off every day. –Prospect Heights, Brooklyn Salesgirl to salesgirl friend: I wanna thank you for taking the time to repeatedly hit me in my arm fat and make it jiggle. –Henri Bendel Overheard by: Stephan Dion Professor to class of girls: You guys are all thin (looks around classroom and notices there are some fat girls) …mostly. –Fashion Institute of Technology Suit to another: All I'm trying to say is, she's not tall enough for her weight. –Uptown 6 Train Overheard by: ednapontellier Black girl: Fat people can do splits because they have no bones. –Pizza Place, St. Mark's Place Five-year-old to very overweight man while waiting for Thanksgiving Day parade: Are you one of the balloons? –Broadway & 50th St Overheard by: Peter