Nerdy tourist boy looking at display: My depth perception is yelling at me… –Museum of Natural History Overheard by: jules Pizza guy on cell: Have a good 4th… What? No, I said to have a good 4th, not "may the force be with you." (pause) Have a good 4th. (pause) Yeah, have a good 4th, and may the force be with you. Uh- huh. Good night. –Dekalb & Hall St, Brooklyn Indian nerd to friends, in the midst of heated debate: Dude, vitamins are fucking weak! –Grand Central Subway Platform Overheard by: djprojexion Geek on cell, in line at Comic Con: Dude, I'm at the con… It's like, ten times more awesome…than anything awesome! –NYC Comic Con Overheard by: RedmanInc Nerdy guy: Some super powers come with implied powers. Like the power of flight. You assume the power of wind resistance, because you'd get pretty freaking cold flying 200 mph. But no one ever thinks of that. –Fordham Law School