President: Are they de-seminating the office?…I mean decimating? –40th & Madison Ave Overheard by: EScrillz Girl reading poster: The fastest… (pause) "fastest." Is that a word? –42nd St AMC Theatre Overheard by: Steph Man on cell: Yeah, well that's what the beasting is for! –Penn Station Woman to friends: You know me, I say what I speak. –Fordham Road Frenchman trying to learn English: I was a beef with those potatoes! –TGI Fridays, Times Square Overheard by: CS Hipster art student to friend: As much as…like…whatever, like. –School of Visual Arts Overheard by: I guess that's English Tourist: I feel so elated! Wait…no, I mean, "violated." –Uptown 3 Train Overheard by: Sally Tempo