Mother to small child: Well, the weather's nice today, so it's a good afternoon to go to the park, play on the playground, go on the swings, or attack daddy. (pause) Or…you know, whatever else you feel like doing. –Gramercy Overheard by: Max Fancy woman waking out of building, on cell, during snow squall: It's either snow or debris. I can't tell. –Grand Army Plaza Overheard by: snow. trust me. Five-year-old girl: It's snowing way too much in Columbus Circle! Fuck! I am going to file a complaint! –Columbus Circle Overheard by: queenofscots Older hot guy: It's as cold as a drunken French whore in the old Bastille days! –W 4th St Woman to neighbor: Hey, girl, do you see this snow? It's the end of the world!
(pause) Have a great day! –140th St & Amsterdam