Conductor in thick Indian accent: Everybody's stressed out on their way to work, but remember you only came on the train with two hands! If you feel a third hand on you, feel free to do whatever you want with it! –Uptown A Train Overheard by: megan rose Young woman on cell: Daddy? Mommy said you called. Is it about your testicles? –78th & Lexington Overheard by: Bob Man on cell: I just saw this human female walk by with these legs… –SoHo Overheard by: Another human female Passing female coworker: Stick my finger up to the middle knuckle to make sure it's warm. –31st St Dorky guy to friends: So then she gets on the table and the next thing you know, one leg is over her head and I just didn't know what to do with myself… –3rd & 23rd Overheard by: tila Jersey lady: Now I have to straddle him, hold on to his ears, and do it. –Metro North Train Overheard by: Wow. Just… wow.