Chick on cell: Are you sure this is a sex trip and not a "meet-my-parents" trip? –14th St Overheard by: Argopelter Laughing woman on cell: I'm going to be so busy when I get back! My week of relaxation is just going to be ruined by a hurricane. –Starbucks, Park Ave South & 29th Overheard by: Rose Fox Guy to three hot girls carrying luggage: Oh, hello, ladies. I also travel! What a coincidence! (girls walk away laughing) You can run! I will find you! It's only a matter of time! –Financial District Black woman on phone: Ya, man, I just got back from Miami. Shit, I'm still jet lagged! –Wendy's, Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn Overheard by: oh really? Blonde girl on plane to another: I figured out on this trip that if you pack your lightest clothes on the bottom of your suitcase it will weigh less! Coming in, my suitcase weighed 54 pounds, and going home it only weighed 46! (second blonde nods knowingly) –LaGuardia Airport Overheard by: Meagan O. Hobo: Hey girls, could you spare some change? Please? It's for my Hawaii fund! I'm gonna wear a bikini and dance the hula. And fuck it, I'm freezing my butt off! –University Place & 10th St Overheard by: queenofscots