Woman to man: I know! I don't fry anything. I don't even fry my food anymore. –47th & 6th Overheard by: A very disturbed Newsbunny Old Jewish woman to husband holding restaurant leftovers: It's a sin to waste that food. You could send it to Israel! –Upper West Side Overheard by: What a waste! Preppy guy: At least *I'm* not the one molesting fictional cereal pitchmen. –Park Slope, Brooklyn Overheard by: Ladle Girl on cell, talking loudly: I don't know what I want, but whatever I want, I want French fries with it. –John St Preppy girl on cell: Do they study eggs? (pause) Eggs! (pause) Do they study eggs? –Times Square Female new student to boyfriend: You have to stop with this whole burrito-is-a-dick thing. –6th Ave & 13th St Overheard by: Catie