Angry bus driver: Get out of my rear. Get out of my rear. –Q44 Bus Overheard by: This is why men do not give birth Law professor, pulling out a cough drop: Sorry guys, if I don't suck on this, I just won't make it. –CUNY Law School Overheard by: That's what she said Chemistry teacher: No, it's really warm here. (pause) Feel my test-tube. –Stuyvesant High School Large black lady to girlfriend: I'm not gonna let him put his babbaganush in my peace pipe! –Houston St & 1st Ave Overheard by: ian has a face Loud woman on cell: Yes, he stuck it up my right one, and when it was halfway in, I was like "ow, you need to take it out!" and then he stuck it up my left one, and I felt no discomfort! –72nd & 2nd Old lady to another: So is there an oral tradition in your family then? –86th & Broadway Overheard by: Frenchie