Flamboyant foreigner: I changed my MySpace to say I like girls. –Washington Square Park Suit on cell: I'm gonna twitter my fucking ass off tonight. –City Hall Overheard by: Samantha Sharifi Girl on cell: Do they not have people in the US that follow the Blue Book? They have to get some guy from Oxford butt fuck to do it? It's so annoying. It's so annoying! Like, I want to take a strap on and fuck my computer. Well, not my computer, but the guy's computer, for having done this to me. –11th St & 5th Ave Middle aged African American woman to group of friends: I'm going on MySpace to comment that she abandoned her child! –8th Ave & 42nd St Businesswoman to friend: I just like having a family, you know? And you can't get that on Craigslist. –33rd St. Overheard by: Rio High school girl with iPod: Do you think this church has Wi-Fi? –St. Paul's Catholic Church