Hot Latina: He doesn't look like someone I'd want to fuck. But neither does my boyfriend… Well, depending on what he's wearing. –3rd Ave & 46th St Overheard by: SillyUrn Girl to friend: If my boyfriend ever asked me to do that, I would get a new boyfriend, preferably the blow-up one that I already have in my bed. –Dorm, NYU Overheard by: amused Girl in leopard print pajamas: My boyfriend is the voice on Dora the Explorer. Name dropped. –Elevator, NYU Overheard by: babaganoush the great Teen boy on cell: Hi, Lisa, it's Matt. Sarah and I were just talking about how much you love tools, so I went to Home Depot today and picked you up a new boyfriend. –N Train Overheard by: SueCity Yuppie to friends: So my boyfriend called me last night and asked me, "Hey, do you even know my name?" and I said, "Well…no." –1 Train Overheard by: yams