Girl #1: Whoa! People still get herpes? I thought herpes was a thing of the 80s.
Girl #2: Yeah, well, my mom was having sex in the 80s. –13th St & 4th Ave Overheard by: dani Headline by: Sam Runners-Up:
· “And Is Now on VH1’s “I Fucked the 80s”” – Henk
· “And It’s So Hard to Find a Mother’s Day Card That Mentions Valtrex” – STD Free
· “Just Another Side Effect Of Parachute Pants and Big Hair” – Morning Glory
· “Once the 90s Rolled Around She Stopped Trying to Catch STDs and Started Trying to Catch Pokemon” – Gotta catch em all
· “That Explains Why All Your Friends Have Herpes” – Brian
· “Why You Should Never Fill Your Parents Prescriptions” – JB
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