Suit: If Mark didn't fall asleep and get his photo taken with lemons on his head, he might still be here. –Elevator, Midtown Overheard by: It got even better when they elaborated Sweater-clad hipster guy: I probably spend more per year on strawberries and cream than on my education. It's worth it, though. I value them more than my education. –Starbucks, Brooklyn Teenage girl: I don't want you to tell me there's a banana somewhere in there, I want to see the banana go in there! –Church Ave, Brooklyn Overheard by: Sonny Girl to guy drinking juice: Eating mangoes makes vaginas taste better. –Broadway & 9th St Overheard by: Jessica Irritated voice in choir loft, in the dark, at the end of Good Friday service: In all the excitement, I seem to have sat on my banana. –60th St & Park Ave Overheard by: haysoos Man on cell: Did anybody give grandma her mango? You know that bitch flips shit if she don't get her mango! –Central Park Overheard by: queenofscots