Skinny Spanish girl: That nigga was saying how he had me moaning and screaming, but I was like, "nigga, I'm just loud–that doesn't mean you're good!" –Ft. Hamilton Parkway, Brooklyn Overheard by: also loud Ghetto chick to friend: Yo…in my country, it's illegal to not please your woman. You gotta fuck her till she begs you to stop. –116th & 1st Overheard by: DonnaRae Man on phone: Yeah…I just fingerblasted her for like an hour. No big deal. –E 4th St & 2nd Ave Overheard by: intern2 Mom to teenage son: And I was like "sure, have sex in my bed, it never sees any." –Mercer & W 3rd Girl on cell: Oh no, he's back fucking his secretary now, so I'm like, completely free! –East Village 20-something on cell, after loud graphic sex tale: And don't you be telling anyone! I don't like strangers knowing my business. –Express Bus to Brooklyn