Little boy to dad: Does the Statue of Liberty have a claw? –Battery Park Little boy to mother: Will you hurry up? You're slower than my aunt Jebediah in the bathtub! –Clark St, Brooklyn Four-year-old boy to mother: And then you fed me…from your belly button! –Old Navy Store Overheard by: Joyfully Yours Little boy playing with friend: Buenos dias, reptile! –Astoria Park Overheard by: Julie & Zane Blond six-year-old, looking at father's New Yorker magazine: What the hell? What the hell? What the hell? What the hell? –Doma Cafe Seven-year-old with Spiderman backpack: Dad, have I lost my youth? –1 Train Little girl with pigtails, running to sit with family: We're going to the dark side! –Sheep Meadow, Central Park