Girl to friend: Yeah, so before I came in here I wasn't a vegetarian, but now my expectations have changed. –New Williamsburg Cafe Overheard by: Nick Ace Jenny*: When I say that I'm a vegan, the other Jenny, the little Texan Jenny inside of me goes, "you are so disgusting!" –Tisch School of the Arts Overheard by: Southern Carnivore White flyer lady, singing: Peeeeople! Veeeegans have bet-ter-sex, bet-ter-health, and live decades longer to enjoy it all! –LaSalle & Broadway Wannabe vegan on cell: Is applesauce vegan? –Denny's Guy: You know how vegetarians say they won't eat anything with a face? So what about that woman that got attacked by the chimp? Would they eat her? (stunned silence) Too soon? –Steinway & Broadway, Astoria Overheard by: Go Rangers!