High school girl: She banged some dude with no condom during her period, then she blew another guy after the basketball game. –Panera, Queens Overheard by: NBG1 Teen: My health teacher always yells at me for being late. Shouldn't she be, like, sustaining my self-esteem? –Green Apple Cafe Overheard by: Julie Hippie teenager leaving bathroom: When I see you all later, I will not have any idea who the hell you are! –Nokia Theater, Times Square Overheard by: dan Teenage girl to cute guy, after spitting on door window: I have a bad habit of spittin'. –E Train Overheard by: MrsBall Teenager to crying little brother: Shut up! Stop it or I'll take away your ShamWow! –Times Square Overheard by: JYC Teenage boy on cell: I won't cock-block! (pause) I won't cock-block! –E 77th St & 1st Ave Overheard by: Steve G