Older woman to bored-looking male dinner companion, as they are seated at a table: Now we have to think of something to talk about. –The Place, West Village Overheard by: Colleen Female grad student: I was trippy enough to talk to Shrek, but not trippy enough for him to answer. –Columbia University Overheard by: Poogins Hobo with huge afro chasing after two chatting women: Are you talking when the champion is speaking?! How dare you? –2nd Ave & 9th St Teacher to class entering auditorium: Children, stop talking! This is a building! –College of Mount Saint Vincent Man on cell: Ray Romano, you're talking to a millionaire! –Chelsea Overheard by: Katie Girl on phone: It's just like, he seriously has a really squishy face that you can stick your finger in, and it goes like a million miles in, and you're just like "what the fuck!" But yeah, nothing happened, we just talked. –Palladium Residence Hall, NYU