Guy: But that way everyone feels a little more suicidal, and that makes it much more interesting. –Broadway & 9th 85-year-old woman with leathery skin, in neon pink jumpsuit and sunglasses, with cigarette in one hand and cane in the other: I wish that cunt would just fucking kill herself! –Madison Square Garden Overheard by: kyle Woman to son, as they look at street vendors' wares: Oh, and do you have the number for the suicide hotline? –Prince & Mulberry Upper West Side suit to friend: And I was like, "but I've worn that four times, I can't wear that again. I'd just have to kill myself!" –Broadway & 104th St Overheard by: Cat Man, to the tune of "Lean on Me": Sometimes in our lives/we want to jump right out the window… –DUMBO, Brooklyn Overheard by: amused Toddler: Mommy, you make me suicidal! –Roosevelt Island Bus