Disgruntled MTA worker, to no one in particular: See? I don't like human beings all that much. I like animals, they mo' fo' real. (venomously) Y'all better be glad I'm not god. –6 Train 30-something white guy to friends: I live in Mesopotamia, 'cause the gods are gangsta! –W 83rd & Columbus Ave Older MTA worker, comforting young passenger: GPS: Guidance, patience, strength. Give it over to god. Trust that motherfucker is going to handle it. Give me GPS and I can handle the rest! –Union Square Subway Stop Bag lady, drenched in rain: The joke's on you, god! –9th St & University Place 20-something guy on phone: So then she tells me the reason my dad died is because god was trying to hurt me! –Union Square Overheard by: talker's remorse 30-something: I mean…he's a good looking guy, but then he found god. –39th St