20-something female on cell: But never have I ever had sex with a dirty talker before, so it was something else, to say the least. I signed up to get laid, not play Penthouse Mad Libs. –23rd St & 5th Ave Customer, after placing order: …with hardboiled eggs.
Gay waiter: Hardboiled eggs smell like dirty assholes, an I've seen a few dirty assholes. –Denny's Overheard by: student-19 Preppy guy on cell: No, dude! I don't know, like…like really dirty girls. –86th & Lexington Overheard by: Anne 12-year-old boy to mother: The bum, you know! The dirty man that plays with me. –Forest Parkway Overheard by: Jason A Guy dancing on new lawn: This isn't even good grass! It's dirty, yo! –Pratt Institute, Brooklyn