Five-year-old girl, holding her nose, to mother: It smells here! It smells like New Jersey! Mommy! It smells like New Jersey! –Grand Central Overheard by: Cicero Teenager: Oh, wow, I didn't know New Jersey had any buildings. –Christopher St. Pier Girl on cell: I think I slept with a whore. Then I woke up in Jersey. –Washington Square Overheard by: Rachel Crazy-sounding drunk girl: Ewww, why are there so many people from New Jersey here? –Bowery & E 4th Overheard by: do they emit a particular odor? NYU guy trying to impress girls: My dad actually grew up right around here. Well…in New Jersey. –St. Mark's & 3rd Ave Girl sitting on raised metal platform on front deck to friend: Hey, do you want to turn around? We're looking at Jersey again. –NYU LSP Boat Cruise