CEO on phone: Fuck you! Just get me the things I need to make money. –12th & Broadway Overheard by: Jeremy Older man wearing yarmulke, screaming into cell: Hi! I think I left a check for $19,000 in the armoire, can you check if its there? (pause) Oh, good! I was so worried! I will deposit it tomorrow! (pause) Yeah! I'm going over the bridge! (pause) Okay? I gotta go! Bye! –Q Train Frustrated girl on cell: I've only got a metro card and $20! I can't take the bus! –85th & Columbus Overheard by: Jesse D Female student: My dad didn't pay two $200,000 for me to be a bartender. –Central Park Overheard by: Greg Singing hobo: I work hard for the money, I work hard for the money, so you better work hard for me! –W 4th St Overheard by: DRC Bursar office attendant: All we do is take yo money. –Pratt Institute