Elderly woman to Bulldog: If you were human, you would be a male model. –44th & 3rd Female on phone, trying to be discrete: I could take a million pictures without makeup and I could make it on the cover of Vogue. I am telling you I just want a model agent to come up to me and say "you are gorgeous, I want you to model." I know I have what it takes! –Outside Bobst Library Overheard by: V Liebs Scrawny short dude: You know, I like the model-type chicks. –Bay Ridge Overheard by: Jon A. Battery Park city mom, about son: He's not even four and he can earn as much from one commercial as he can from a year of modeling. –World Trade Centre Plaza Girl walking around with a camera: People get so awkward when you're carrying around a camera. Come on people! Give me something I can use here! You are all models! –44th & Lexington Overheard by: apparently a model Drawing professor: I'm not allowed to sleep with the models. –Pratt Institute