Drunk woman to another: Well, I will see your divorce and raise you an illegitimate pregnancy! –Court St & Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn Girl to super skinny girl: You look pregnant, I think I have a clothes hanger in my locker. You wanna come up and check with me? –1st Ave & 3rd St Dad holding baby to wife with another kid in stroller: Somebody's about to get pregnant up in here… It'll be like Maury Povich. –Downtown 1 Train Overheard by: NOT the father Dude on bus to child: See, women, they get to grow people. And in exchange, we get to pee standing up. –Q64 Bus Overheard by: a people-grower Girl to friend: You always seem to get pregnant at the worst times. –Queens Center Mall Overheard by: Jenn Girl to friend: I'm feeling fertile. Who's going to tend to that feeling for me? –2 Train Latino guy to friends: That's what my name means in Portuguese, "pregnancy test positive." –84th Drive, Queens