Professor: My name is John, but some people call me Godzilla! –Baruch College Overheard by: Nas T. Pezz Middle school student to friend: Nike was probably invented by a guy named like Nathaniel Ike. Get it? N. Ike. –Marymount School White woman on cell: So do I call you Wayne? Weezy? Lil? –Broadway & Lafayette Overheard by: kdice Thug to another: What?! Upstate?! Nigga, no no no! Hell no! I ain't trustin no nigga named Chad. Who the fuck names a nigga Chad? –F Train Man on cell: Aw, come on! You shittin' me. Ain't no muthafucka named "gay-org!" –5th Ave & 23rd St Overheard by: manhattman Teen girl on cell: My name is "princess," not "yo!" –B61 Bus, Brooklyn Overheard by: Tastypaper Conductor: This is Carrol Street, named after my ex-wife, Carrol Garden. She was great. –F Train