Eight-year-old boy, matter-of-factly, to dorky dad: Mexican people like to put animals on their shoulders. –108 St & Broadway Black guy to white woman: Anyway, it turns out–and this is really weird–in Texas, they hate Mexicans as much as they hate African Americans! –17th St & 8th Ave Man to another: I just want to be gang-raped by a group of Latinos. –Chelsea Overheard by: Mike Exasperated woman to friend: And this is why I don't interfere when it comes to Mexicans! –1 Train Overheard by: Green Star 10-year-old to friend: You have the same name as a short, fat Mexican boy! –Maria Hernandez Park, Bushwick Latino gay to white gay: You have good genes, you just don't have the Latino gene that makes your face moisturize naturally. I'm like the Dick Clark of faggotry! –12th & 1st Overheard by: H-Bomb Teen to friend: Make sure that you're in Guatemalan mode. –114th & Broadway Overheard by: Jeremy