Professor, seriously: Were you involved in the jelly bean incident? –Physics Hallway, Trinity School Overheard by: Siena CSR: Stale peeps are excellent! Now, that is one finely-aged peep. –Hudson & Houston Overheard by: Harriet Vane Man to friends sitting on bench: You either look at the girl or you look at the ice cream! –Outside Sundaes & Cones, 10th & 3rd Overheard by: The Girl Anonymous Cheerful gift shop clerk on phone: So I got my peanut buttercups and then Anne* saw me on the street and came up to me, and punched me in the face and was all "Give me a peanut buttercup!" and I said "but there are only two in the package and I was saving one for Robert*!" Then she punched me in the face again! –The Cloisters Overheard by: Rose Fox Greek waitress: Ice cream without whipped cream is like… girl without boyfriend! –Diner, Bay Ridge Overheard by: Jon A.