20-something man, during West Side Story, when Tony climbs in bed with Maria: Get it, son! –Palace Theatre Old man, leaving theater after seeing Hair: I told you we should have seen Mary Poppins. –45th & 8th Overheard by: Leela Girl, looking at a barricaded rally: Oh my god, it is so Les Miz up in here. –48th St & 6th Ave Long Island woman to friend, leaving the theater after Mary Poppins: That wasn't anything like the movie. The movie had cartoons, this was real people. –Amsterdam Theater, 42nd & Broadway Overheard by: MikeyMouse Man to friend, during Waiting for Godot: Oh my god, you know what would make me really pissed? I'd be so angry if that Godot guy didn't show up at the end of the play. –Studio 54 Woman to husband, during Waiting for Godot: Is this a musical? –Studio 54 Overheard by: Hannah