Lady to dog: Pee! Pee! Pee! Poo on the universe! –E 9th St Overheard by: Jen Well-dressed woman to little dog: Baby, those are cars. Cars are not our friends. You must always stay away from them… Are you listening to me? –Washington Square Park Overheard by: Murphy Woman, shrieking at barking dogs: Stop being crazy! –Central Park Overheard by: NB Woman to Shih Tzu: Yo! I'm walking you, you're not walking me–calm down! –109 & Manhattan Ave Dog walker to dog, ranting: Bailey, I am so angry with you! (dog wags tail) Don't you even look at me right now! (yanks dog's leash) I'm taking the television out of your room! No more American Idol for you! (storms across street) –Madison Square Park Overheard by: allison Woman to dog sniffing random things: Focus. Fo-cus. Shit. –Melrose & Wilson Overheard by: