Girl wearing yoga outfit to friend: And I'm like "you know that your face looks like a fucking cartoon character, don't you?" –Houston & Mott Overheard by: JohnJayinNYC Teen boy: I don't like people. I just like Pokemon. –Chipotle, Brooklyn Heights Overheard by: Mike N Blipster: Girl, you know I already got a headache and then she all up in my face with that Dragon Ball Z breath. –Fulton & Pearl Girl, during promo network commercial before Up: It is not Cartoon Network if there are real people. I refuse to watch this show. –Movie Theatre, Battery Park Overheard by: Yelena Excited man on cell: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? What are they? People love ancient Egypt way more than ninja turtles. –Hungarian Pastry Shop Overheard by: Casey Black Scruffy hipster to friend: Now all we need to do is find Splinter and Donatello. –L Train Overheard by: lilli