Girl: So then I said "mother, I am 20 years old and you cannot tell me I can't go to Wet 'n Wild!" –Central Park Overheard by: Quella Weird chick: Eeeeek! That toilet is flooding! My Payless shoes are getting wet! My beautiful Payless shoes! All this water looks like that movie, The Blob! Oh, I hate you, Steve McQueen! I hate you, I hate you! –Women's Restroom, Port Authority Overheard by: Amber Star Drunk girl to drunker friend who spilled beer on her lap: Again with the vaginal wetness? –LIRR Guy to a girl in laundromat: Why can't you dry your underwear? Is that because they're so used to being wet when you're wearing them? –1st. Ave & 7th St Overheard by: Mike Girl to boy: So about this whole wet dream thingy… –C Train