Teen scene girl: And that's a whole fucking different story! You always said you wanted to die having a heart attack in a car! –57th & 3rd Overheard by: Duluthian Guy in line: I haven't had a corn dog since Jim Belushi died. –Nathan's, Coney Island Creepy guy on cell: Hey. Did you hear about the Craigslist killer? Yeah, isn't that a great idea? –Penn Station 20-something irritated man on cell: Dude, stop freaking out! They're probably not going to do the autopsy for another three days. –8th Ave & 15th St Conductor: Please, no one cross cars, if the train makes a turn you will fall through, get crushed and die, thank you and have a lovely evening. Oh, and it's lovely to be alive. –Amtrak Train to Penn Station Overheard by: Paige