Black man: I can never watch you eat sausage again. It was the most awkwardly erotic thing I've ever seen. It was the perfect combination of food and female. –Pratt Coffee Shop, Brooklyn Overheard by: Maryrose Boy to friend: And then the teacher said: "and that's the history of ham"! –Queens Overheard by: alex Young woman on cell: Well, I would go to Gray's for hot dogs with you, but I can't. I gave up tubed meat for lent. –Washington Square Park Overheard by: Caroline Cute teen girl: It'd be like a floppy bag of meat… (pause) I'm not talking about dick! –Starbucks Woman placing drive-thru order: And two junior bacon cheeseburgers. Actually, I don't want the bacon. I don't want to get the swine flu. –Wendy's Drivethru, Brooklyn Overheard by: Oh the Pig-manity! Upset Orthodox Jew mother to baby in stroller: Bacon!? Who told you about bacon!? –West End & West 100th St