Super gay dude to equally gay friend: You can tell she's mad when she starts using adjectives. –Starbucks, Astor Place Overheard by: liat Angry black man to white man standing too close: Fool, whatcha think you're doin? You tryin' to get all up on me? You don't know what I could do. I could bust a cap in yo ass. I'm an angry black man! –Astor Place Overheard by: Bex Black man to Asian woman he's trying to hit on: Why won't you talk to me, baby? You still mad about the Korean war? –145th & Broadway Older woman on cell: Trixie, you have to stop kicking things when you get mad! –40th & Broadway Overheard by: Sean Trampy Spanish girl to cranky Spanish guy: Why are you mad? It was just a blowjob, and he's your brother! –West Village Overheard by: Stifled A. Guffaw