Girl on cell, looking for her friends: Can you see me? Look at the sun, I'm directly under it right now. –Sheep Meadow, Central Park Guy on cell: Yeah, we'll go now. Okay. Right now, I'm at 116 and Hamsterdam–Hamsterdam? What the fuck did I just say? Oh, wow, that is a disturbing mental image. Yeah, exactly. River full of hamsters. Okay, see ya. –116th & Amsterdam Overheard by: That would be truly terrifying. Harlem woman on cell: Come find me! I'm on the downtown side of the street! –East Side Drunk guy on cell: Yo, I'm on the corner of fuckin' somethin' an somethin'. –42nd St & 5th Ave Drunk on cell: Where am I? Where am I? I'm at the corner of Charles Street and motherfucking I don't know! –West Village Woman to friends: Oh thank god! I feel so much safer now that we're at 7th Avenue. –G Train