Little girl to mom: But mommy, what comes out of Tinkerbell's bladder? –92nd St & Madison Ave Overheard by: Gordon D Conductor: And don't forget to wave goodbye to me when you get off. Hey, you! You didn't wave! Can you people believe it? He didn't wave after I asked him to. So please, remember to wave goodbye to the conductor because we drive these trains, and without us you'd be taking the bus in the daylight and you vampires will burn, burn I say, burn! –3 Train Overheard by: I waved Tattooed man in leather vest, to friend: I'll tell you straight up: I am an angel designed to destroy demons. (weighty pause) I have no compassion… whatsoever… for demons! –42nd St Overheard by: Harper Man to friend: The problem with New York is that there are just so many places for zombies to hide. –57th St b/w 5th & 6th Little girl: That's not a fairy! That's a boat! –Waiting for Ellis Island Ferry Overheard by: Laura Teenage girl to friend: I'm not listening to you, I'm looking for the dragon! –Prospect Park: Man trying to quiet down crying toddler: Shhhhh, you sound like a Wookie! –Brooklyn Zoo Overheard by: Snoog