Loud-mouthed girl to friends: She says, "I've had sex with over 100 men." And so I says, "girl! You fourteen!" –R Train Thirty-something black man to Catholic high school girls: So what's it take for a couple of black guys to get to play with y'all's skirts? –Metro-North Overheard by: kfkdjsdf Father to infant daughter in stroller: Hey! Close your legs! –SoHo Professor: Your favorite teacher from high school turned out to be a pedophile? Seriously? Well was he a real pedophile, or just a hooking-up-with-teenage-students kind of pedophile? –Fordham University Overheard by: Jack Package 13-year-old girl on phone: So guess what… I lost my virginity last night… looks like you owe me a soda. –H & M Overheard by: Imani