11 year-old girl to dad: Sucking on something automatically makes you gay. –High Line Overheard by: Kirby NYPD detective, working Gay Pride parade: They've been coming out for the last two hours. And they will probably be coming out for another three hours! –5th Ave & 55th St Overheard by: Just Visiting… Not very effeminate gay guy, near extremely effeminate group of pride festers: Suddenly, I don't feel so gay! –PrideFest, Abingdon Square Overheard by: proud dad Man to friend: The problem with getting too buff is that people start to think that you're gay. –Starbucks Male fashionista to stranger on bus: And she thought I was gay because I dress well and stuff. (to another passenger) Oh, is that moisturizer? Can I use some? –Hampton Jitney Overheard by: Can't imagine why she thought so Woman handcuffed to man, having romantic picnic with rose petals spilled over a blanket: I didn't think I would be handcuffed to you in a park telling you all of my secrets when I met you in a gay bar! –Central Park Sheep Meadow