Self-tanned woman on BlackBerry, pushing stroller: I'm gonna puke because you're not here with me! –American Eagle Overheard by: liveyourlife Cheerful woman on cell: Oh yeah, I been getting mad nauseous on this bus! But I ain't putting my face near that toilet back there, nuh-uh. I'd rather get sick all over myself. –Chinatown Bus to DC Overheard by: Rose Fox Guy waiting for n train: I just want to fucking go home and puke in my own fucking toilet! –Canal St & Broadway Woman: I come out of the bathroom after three hours of him barfing, and people think we were having sex! You think I'm that hot at 46 to go shag my boy in the middle of a party? And even if I were, I would have been gone for, what? Like, ten minutes? Max! –Time Warner Building Girl to friends: I definitely think gay vomit would be the prettiest. –Perry & Bleecker Overheard by: other contenders?