Very heavy ten-year-old boy, yelling excitedly: I heard they have bacon flavored popcorn in Florida! I love the south! –Flushing, Queens Hipster girl on cell: The entire state of Mississippi isn't a complete waste of space, even though it seems like it right now. –Atlantic & Smith, Brooklyn Heights Wino, grabbing can of beer: Here's 15 cents. I'll get the rest of it for you today. I promise! I'm from Georgia, I know how this shit works! –Deli at 33rd & 7th Overheard by: EthanK Loud girl to friend: Maria? Maria's not dead, Maria's in Virginia? –BxM10 Bus Overheard by: bxgirl Girl to boyfriend: I mean, when someone says they're throwing an "Iowa State Fair"-themed wedding, you don't think twice about going! –30th Ave, Astoria