Man on cell: My identity has totally shifted, and so have my bowel movements. –Prospect Park Overheard by: Mickey Smith Girl to another: I took a shit in Starbucks… did you take a shit in Starbucks? –Outside Starbucks Woman to friend: There were no feces for (pause) two days. –Canal and W Broadway Overheard by: LizzieD Girl in toilet stall, repeatedly: Someone pooped on the floor! This is so gross! Medieval freaks! And it's shaped like a dragon! Come here and look at it! –New York Renaissance Fair British woman to man she's walking with, as they look at a pigeon: Of course he doesn't have to sit down to poo, he's a bird! –Washington Square South Enraged crazy old lady feeding pigeons, to punk kid chasing pigeons: Eat the caca! Eat the caca! –48th & 8th Overheard by: ShaghouseGirls