Eight-year-old girl to eight-year-old friend: You see, I love him, but I can't make that kind of commitment right now. –Carroll Gardens Lone suit, shaking fists in air: Why do fools fall in love?! –Wall Street Overheard by: poisonivy Woman to neighbor, shouting out of the window: She's an idiot! She knows the man's a fucking bullshit artist, and she's in love with him! –Hoffman St & 187th Inebriated, tattooed man on cell: You fuckin' love me?! You fuckin' know what? That's fuckin' unreal, you know why?! Because you fuckin' don't! –Port Authority Bus Terminal Overheard by: Cara Sallow, skinny, melancholy tattooed dude: Looking for love in all the wrong places… That's why I was after her ass. –Uptown 1 Train Overheard by: Susan Volchok