Announcer: There is a downtown b as in "brothel" train approaching 81st Street. That's right. Brothel. –81st St Station Angry hobo, after receiving no money: Well, fine, screw you all! The reason you ain't giving me anything is cause no of y'all speak English. They should call this the "e" for "immigrant" train. –E Train Overheard by: Matt Dude outside bar at happy hour: He expects me to be a BFF. But I'm just a bf… No, I'm just an f. –9th Ave & 56th St Overheard by: K Melv Businesswoman on cell: No… the letter s… "s" as in "shot." –Madison Square Park Crazy woman to herself: My mom always called me "a" because, when I was little, really little, like before I could talk, I would sing "a a a a a a" over and over. And that was the joke, that I knew the first letter of the alphabet. (shrugs) –S79 Bus Little kid, singing alphabet song: A – b – c – d – h – i – v! –M102 Bus