Guy in white shirt and tie: So what, so what if the aliens landed in Brooklyn? And they start shooting their guns, their laser guns on the corner, in the candy store? What then? Do we just let them in the shelter? –John Jay College of Criminal Justice Crazy guy: I am an alien from outer space! I have crash landed on your planet! This is our language! (saxophone solo) –C Train Overheard by: Emily B. Conductor: We will be stopped at the next station for ten minutes. You are not allowed to exit the train, so that means no smoke breaks or bathroom trips. If you do get off of the train you will be abducted by aliens and never heard from again. –Amtrak Train, Penn station Overheard by: Madge Hobo to teen girls: Can you spare some change for a space man? I wanna get drunk later. –94th St & Broadway