Man on phone: Wait, so she bit you? Dude! Wait, what? She punched you? Oh, you went to punch her? Dude, you punched her? –Penn Station Too young for final stage alcoholism guy: I totally held my own. I knocked the girl out and fucked the guy up. –10th St & Ave A Gangster: Next time I see him, I'ma kick him in his good leg. –Uptown F Train Softball-player-looking girl to friends: If you ever wear a tiara at your wedding, I'm going to punch you in the face. –Wagner Park Overheard by: mclaire Young mother to others: Yeah, but you hafta be careful. You can't just hit your kids in public. –Rivington & Essex Overheard by: verbal abuse ftw! Boyfriend to girlfriend: But if I punch you in the throat you will stop breathing. –SoHo Teen girl: Did you see that? I almost punched Ira's glass in the chest! That was awesome! –AMC Theater, 19th St & Broadway Overheard by: Katie