Weird hobo: Ladies and gentleman, I am a disabled Vietnam vet. I'm asking help from all of you so I don't wind up on the streets. While in Vietnam, I was exposed to Agent Orange, which caused me my disability–I became a vegetarian. –Downtown 3 Train Overheard by: An Amused Former Vegetarian Aging hippie to woman spouting PETA propaganda: I've been a vegan for 30 years. You're embarrassing me. Why do you do that? –F Train Overheard by: AeC Guy: Yo, I'm vegetarian now, I don't eat no meat, but man I love that chicken. That chicken just keeps comin' back to me! –Manna's Overheard by: eatinginharlem Crazy-looking woman on bench: Oh my gosh, I was totally a vegetarian yesterday. Like literally, I ate no meat. –Central Park Overheard by: Meat Eater Clueless 20-something female: Do you have another menu? I'm a vegan. –Brother Jimmy's BBQ, 31st St